old world flavors, modern interpretation

Dinner Menu



Charcuterie – foie gras torchon, current dairy and protein, accompaniments 14*

Wagyu Beef Tartare – quail egg, spicy aioli, micro herbs 16

Crispy egg – asparagus, pecorino, walnut vinaigrette 13

Octopus – smoked paprika, brassino 15

Briques – pork belly, watermelon, cider, pecans 15*

Caesar – baby gem, smelt, parmesan 12

Spitiki – feta, onion, tomato, olive, cucumber, preserved lemon 13*

Soup – roasted chicken, vegetables 8

Entrée piato

Bourride – halibut, root vegetable and white wine broth 29

Scallops – Ravioli, lemon beurre blanc, peas 30*

Slow braised shortrib – sweetbreads, microgreens, haricot vert 27

Duck Breast – blackberries, royal trumpet, beet, grains, sunflower sprouts 25

Lamb Tenderloin – goat cheese fritter, fig, brandy, spring onion, wild mushrooms 28*

Royale – house ground burger, gruyere, savory tomato relish, pomme frites 16

Hand made pasta – meatball, braised vegetables, red sauce 22*

Pomme Frites – parmesan and smoked salt *8


Goats Milk Gelato , Pear Crumble, Hibiscus Glaze * 9

Mulled fruit and Mascarpone *9

Dark chocolate fudge, candied pecans *9

Cheese Selections* 8


*Can be prepared vegetarian


Sunday Brunch Additions Coming Soon (10-2)

  • Lobster Poche- bouquet, lemon ber blanc, microgreens 23
  • Deconstructed Omelet- roasted tomato, petite greens, pork dust 20
  • Deep custard quiche – lorraine, asparagus salad 21
  • Brioche- french toast, fresh cream, fruit jam 20
  • Microgreen Salad- blackberry vinaigrette 20
  • Royale- house ground burger, gruyere, savory tomato relish, potato bun, pomme frites 19
  • Veal Cheek Hidaway- hashbrown nest, braised veal cheek and tarragon beurre blanc 24

All brunch items come with a complimentary mimosa or coffee